Monday, February 25, 2019

​Tickets are on sale now for The Smallest Parade in the Universe March 2 at the Key West Theater. This Fourth Annual Smallest Parade is smaller and presented
as a special gem of unique sculptural parade “floats” that will rumble along a conveyor-belt parade route. “Most of the
floats this year are by previous award-winners, assuring a high quality of work,” says Judi Bradford, coordinator for the event.

 The theme for this year is “It’s About Time”, so expect clocks, time travel, calendars, hourglasses – who knows what the artists will
invent as they compete for $1750 in cash prizes. “I am always surprised and delighted to see what the designers come up with. It’s a
feat of imagination.”  The parade takes place at 6 pm on the stage of the Key West Theater. The hour before the show, the
audience can preview the floats close up to see the details.   Immediately after the show, Landon Bradbury leads a live auction of the Smallest Parade floats that can be taken home as sculptures,
perhaps party centerpieces. Some are animated and/or automated; many have lights and sounds. 

 Reserve your tickets now for this special Smallest Parade in the Universe. Tickets $25 and $35 (Remember the “the”)  The Smallest Parade benefitsMARC, a non-profit
providing life services for Monroe County’s adult developmentally and intellectually disabled residents. It is a vital part of the Key West community
and a beloved organization spreading kindness and generosity in its path.